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Cheap price 2 or 3 passenger electric auto rickshaw taxi tuk tuk for sale

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In recent years, with the strengthening of environmental awareness and the gradually increasing requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, the sales and use of electric vehicles have also gradually increased. Under this trend, electric tricycles have also become one of the most popular means of transportation. For consumers looking for an affordable electric tricycle with excellent performance, a 2 or 3-seat electric three-wheel taxi (tuk tuk) is undoubtedly a good choice. Electric three-wheel taxis with 2 or 3 seats have many advantages.

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First, they are relatively affordable, which makes them ideal for many small and medium-sized businesses or self-employed individuals. Secondly, such vehicles have good driving range and low power consumption, making them a reliable choice for urban travel. In addition, compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric tricycles have a smaller impact on the environment, reducing exhaust emissions and helping to improve urban air quality. There are several aspects to consider when purchasing this type of vehicle.

First, buyers should focus on the quality and safety features of the vehicle. Finding a vehicle from a reliable manufacturer ensures the quality and performance of the vehicle, reducing the risk of repairs and breakdowns. Secondly, buyers need to consider vehicle repairs and maintenance. Ensuring access to timely repairs and after-sales service will help increase the reliability and lifespan of your vehicle. Finally, buyers should also understand relevant local laws and regulations to ensure that the vehicle they purchase complies with local traffic rules and laws.

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Overall, an inexpensive 2 or 3-seater electric three-wheel taxi is an ideal transportation option. Not only are they relatively low-priced, they also have good cruising range and low power consumption, meeting the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. But before purchasing, consumers need to carefully consider factors such as vehicle quality, repair and maintenance to ensure they purchase an electric tricycle with excellent performance and comply with local traffic rules and laws.

Product Specification

Basic Parameters  
Model Number MJ168
Dimensions 3060*1500*1710mm
Net weight 600KGS
Loading Weight 400KGS
Speed 55-60KM
Maximum Grad Ability 30%
Parking Slope 20-25%
Driver&Passengers 3-4
Main Assembly  
Power Type Brushless Differential Motor
Charging Time 4-8hours
Rated Voltage/Style 72V
Rated Power 3KW
Battery lithium battery 120Ah
Limited Mileage 120-150KM
 Brake Hydraulic Disc
Parking Brake Hand Level Rear Mechanical Parking Brake Cable
Gear Box Automatic
Transmission Automatic
Tires 145-70R-12/155-65R-13

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