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Solution for Pure Electric Agricultural Fog Cannon Plant Protection Vehicle

Short Description:

  • Main configuration: Anti-aircraft water cannon, fog cannon (30 meters), mobile power supply (lithium battery)
  • Main functions: Used for watering, fertilizing, spraying, cooling, etc. in orchards, tea gardens, vegetable gardens, mushroom houses and greenhouses
  • Drive mode: Six-wheel drive (all-terrain)
  • Water storage capacity: 600--1000KG
  • Battery: 72V 206AH lithium battery
  • Rated power (kW): 5KW X 2 (drive motor), water pump 3000W
  • Dimensions (mm): L3230mm × W 1400mm
  • Fog cannon adjustable height range: 1250mm to 1850mm
  • Machine Weight: 740KG (empty), 1740KG (full load)
  • Endurance Mileage: 80KM
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    Product Advantages

    (1) Pure electric, low noise and no pollution.
    (2) It can be used as a mobile power source in farmland.
    (3) The driving operation performance is superior and can be completed by a single person.
    (4) Light weight, suitable for passing through farmland and greenhouse pathways, and suitable for hilly terrain due to the all-terrain characteristics.
    (5) Good plant protection effect and wide application range

    Product Description


    The pure electric agricultural fog cannon plant protection vehicle is a revolutionary solution to the challenges faced by farmers in protecting crops from pests and diseases. The vehicle combines the power of pure electric technology with the functionality of a fog cannon to provide a sustainable and highly effective method of plant protection. One of the main advantages of pure electric agricultural fog cannon plant protection vehicles is its environmental protection.

    As an electric vehicle, it achieves zero emissions, reduces air pollution and minimizes environmental impact. This is particularly important in agricultural areas, where conventional diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles contribute to air pollution and soil quality degradation. The vehicle’s fog cannon feature enables farmers to spray specialized pesticides or insecticides in the form of a fine mist or mist. This ensures complete coverage of crops, reaching even the most hard-to-reach areas. The ability to precisely spray not only increases the effectiveness of pest control, but also minimizes the use of chemicals, reducing the risk of overspray and potential harm to humans, animals and surrounding ecosystems.


    In addition to environmental protection and precise spraying capabilities, pure electric agricultural fog cannon plant protection vehicles have other advantages. Its electric powertrain enables quieter operation, reducing noise pollution and potential disturbance to nearby residents or livestock. The vehicle's mobility enables farmers to cover larger areas in less time, thereby increasing overall efficiency and productivity. Additionally, using such a vehicle can save costs in the long run. Although the upfront investment may be higher compared to conventional vehicles, the lower maintenance and operating costs of electric vehicles make them more cost-effective in the long run.

    Using renewable energy to generate electricity further contributes to savings and enhances sustainability. To sum up, the pure electric agricultural fog cannon plant protection vehicle is a sustainable and efficient solution to meet farmers’ plant protection needs. Its zero-emission electric powertrain, precise spraying capabilities and cost-effective operation make it ideal for environmentally conscious farmers who want to effectively protect crops while minimizing impact on ecosystems.


    Product Specification

    Vehicle Type Electric 6x4 Utility Vehicle
    Standard Type Lead-Acid
    Total Voltage(6 pcs) 72V
    Capacity(Each) 180Ah
    Charging Time 10hours
    Motors & Controllers  
    Motors Type 2 Sets x 5 kw AC Motors
    Controllers Type Curtis1234E
    Travel Speed  
    Forward 25 km/h(15mph)
    Steering and Brakes  
    Brakes Type Hydraulic Disc Front,Hydraulic Drum Rear
    Steering Type Rack and Pinion
    Suspension-Front Independent
    Vehicle Dimension  
    Overall L323cmxW158cm xH138 cm
    Wheelbase(Front-Rear) 309 cm
    Vehicle Weight with Batteries 1070kg
    Wheel Track Front 120 cm
    Wheel Track Rear 130cm
    Cargo Box Overall Dimension,Internal
    Power Lift Electrical
    Seating 2 Person
    Payload (Total) 1000 kg
    Cargo Box Volume 0.76 CBM
    Front 2-25x8R12
    Rear 4-25X10R12
    Cabin With windshield and back mirrors
    Radio&Speakers For Entertainment
    Tow Ball Rear
    Winch Ahead
    Tyres Customizable

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