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72V Electric turf utility Golf carts

Short Description:

  • Moael: Value
  • Vehicle Type: Electric 6X4 Utility
  • Battery Voltage: 72v
  • Battery Capacity: 180Ah
  • Charging Time: 9 hours
  • Motors Type: 2 sets*5KwAC Motors
  • Travel Speed: 25km/h
  • Brakes Type: Hydraulic DiscDrum Rear
  • Steer Type: Rack and Pinion
  • Suspension-Front: Independent
  • Vehicle Dimension: L3230*W1580*H1380mm
  • Cargo Box Dimension: L1540*W1540*H320mm
  • Seating: 2 person
  • Tyres: 2-25X8R12(Front),4-25X10R12(Rear)
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    The 72V electric lawn utility golf cart is an excellent vehicle widely used in golf courses and other green spaces. Adopt environmentally friendly power system to effectively reduce environmental pollution. First of all, the 72V electric lawn utility golf cart has powerful performance. The power system uses a 72V battery to provide efficient power while maintaining strong driving force. This means it can drive stably even on uneven terrain. Additionally, the range of this electric golf cart is impressive.

    Equipped with a 72V battery, it has sufficient energy and does not require frequent charging when patrolling the golf course. This is crucial to increase productivity and save time and energy. In addition to power and range, the 72V Electric Lawn Utility Golf Cart is packed with other useful features. For example, it has a roomy cargo bed that's convenient for storing golf clubs and other items. Additionally, its compact design makes it easy to maneuver on golf courses and narrow roads.

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    For golf courses and other green spaces, the 72V Electric Turf Utility Golf Cart offers numerous advantages. Its zero-emission power system makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Its low noise and smooth ride won't disturb other players on the course. In addition, its stylish appearance gives an impression of high quality and professionalism. All in all, the 72V Electric Lawn Utility Golf Cart is an excellent mode of transportation for golf courses and other green spaces. Its powerful performance, impressive range, practical design and eco-friendly features make it a top choice for many. Whether on golf courses or other leisure venues, it provides users with convenient, environmentally friendly and comfortable transportation.

    Product Specification

    Vehicle Type Electric 6x4 Utility Vehicle
    Standard Type Lead-Acid
    Total Voltage(6 pcs) 72V
    Capacity(Each) 180Ah
    Charging Time 10hours
    Motors & Controllers  
    Motors Type 2 Sets x 5 kw AC Motors
    Controllers Type Curtis1234E
    Travel Speed  
    Forward 25 km/h(15mph)
    Steering and Brakes  
    Brakes Type Hydraulic Disc Front,Hydraulic Drum Rear
    Steering Type Rack and Pinion
    Suspension-Front Independent
    Vehicle Dimension  
    Overall L323cmxW158cm xH138 cm
    Wheelbase(Front-Rear) 309 cm
    Vehicle Weight with Batteries 1070kg
    Wheel Track Front 120 cm
    Wheel Track Rear 130cm
    Cargo Box Overall Dimension,Internal
    Power Lift Electrical
    Seating 2 Person
    Payload (Total) 1000 kg
    Cargo Box Volume 0.76 CBM
    Front 2-25x8R12
    Rear 4-25X10R12
    Cabin With windshield and back mirrors
    Radio&Speakers For Entertainment
    Tow Ball Rear
    Winch Ahead
    Tyres Customizable

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