• electric turf utv in golf course

What is UTV ?

It is a popular choice for practical terrain vehicles or practical task vehicles, it not only allows you to freely indulge on the roads of traditional off-road vehicles, but also effortlessly navigate even in rugged valleys.
UTVs are sometimes named as "side by side" originate from they provide space for drivers and passengers. These practical vehicles typically have seats for two to six people, including the driver. UTV covers basic safety functions and is superior to ATV, such as seat belts and crossbars, which are not found on most beach bikes. MIJIE UTV can meet the transportation needs of rugged terrain such as mountains, beaches, and ice and snow in the market.
These small vehicles are lightweight and sturdy, with the same off-road functionality as beach bikes, but with additional space. They have similar off-road wheels and spry steering. This has made them popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it deep into the forest during the hunting season or searching upstream for fishing grounds, UTV provides more choices for outdoor enthusiasts when they enter and exits remote areas.MIJIE UTV is widely used in Forests, Farms, Ranch ,Pastures and Mountainous.

MIJIE  Electric UTV

Post time: May-10-2024